Monday 10 August 2009

Lost for words

I need to blog about something because I can't stand having my previous sad post up any longer. However, I have so much on that I don't really have the time. I think that I might have to put Home Office Mum blog on hold until life returns to normal as the start of THE BIG RACE is scarily close (just over a month).

So for now, I ask you to visit instead. Having said that, I will now no doubt stumble upon something absolutely blog critical, which will mean I return here to share it.

But if I don't, don't assume I've vanished from the blogosphere. I'm still here, just.

And sorry that I've been rubbish in commenting on other people's blogs. I've been reading (speed reading) but haven't had time to comment. Perhaps I should just have a comment that says: HOM woz here - like a form of blog graffiti, just so you know I still love you all.

Till I return from Brazil then...