Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Fashion victims

I have many things to worry about in life. Often it's work related. More often it's something to do with the children - particuarly the kind of thoughts you have at 3am when husband is away on business for a week and I imagine 'what if I fall down the stairs and crack my head open and the kids will be trapped inside the house and what will they do' type things (which usually results in them having a lesson on how to unlock a door and call 999 first thing in the morning).

But there is one thing that I don't worry about. Well not much. And that's how I look. Sure I'm like everyone else. I grab the baby belly and wish it wasn't there. I stare at my wrinkles and do imaginary plastic surgery to see if I can ever look 20 again. I spend too much money getting my hair cut and coloured only to hate it the minute I walk out of the hairdressers. And I stare at my cupboard full of clothes and lament that I have nothing to wear.

But while I might occasionally wish that I looked a bit more fashionable, really, how fashionable do you need to be to walk up to road to the school gate (when the school gate is in the countryside in deepest, darkest West Berkshire)? And it's not like I then race into a glamorous job surrounded by people. It's just me at my desk in my office at home, with a possible visit from the postie or Ocado man. It doesn't call for high fashion does it? I can go an entire week (possibly more) when I don't even take my mascara out (I can hear people in London fainting as I type this).

Yet I have just finished skimming a copy of Harper's Bazaar magazine that came with a SHE magazine. I don't normally buy high fashion mags (see above as to why). I flicked through it, staring at the Top 20 most fashionable people of the year and the must have fashions for the year ahead (they're shite - who wants to look like a throw back to the 80s with shoulder pads so pointy you could have someone's eye out?)

And it occurred to me that there must be any number of people out there who spend a huge amount of time worrying about what they wear and what they look like. Imagine going out in something that was last season? The shame. My clothes are so out of date that they're almost back in fashion. And it's not just the clothes, it's the accessories, make up, beauty lotions and potions, hair, jewellery and then, making sure you're at the IT places so that you can show it all off.

My scruffy jeans, jumpers with bobbles on them and sailing boots (my current IT look) might not make me feel lovely (and we all like to feel lovely) but at least I don't have the angst that goes with high fashion. And given all that us mothers have to worry about, fashion just doesn't need to be on the list.

So today I am going to wear my not so glamorous attire with pride and know that it represents a calmer, more peaceful me with one less thing to worry about.

P.S. I just typed this and realised that today I DO actually have a meeting with clients and people in a fashionable place. Hmm. Maybe I will worry about fashion just for today. But from tomorrow I'm back to not giving my wardrobe a second thought.


Heather said...

I too live in the midde of nowhere. I spend most of day at home alone with the kids. once a week I go to town to get the shopping and thats it. living so far removed from all the hype that goes with fashion and looking right, fitting in, being skinny, etc and very rarely picking up a fashion magazine I find myself staring with wonder at those that do. Are they happy? Is the biggest question ask myself. Does this caring so much about the way you look and primping and preening give them a feeling of satisfaction, make them feel at peace with themselves. Probably not - which makes me wonder why they spend so much time and money trying to acheive it.

ThatGirl39 said...

Don't read about where I went yesterday then! Say I, sitting here in jeans, jumper and big cardigan... oh and a very fashionable hot water bottle attached to my back! It would be interesting to see how those in the spotlight dress when not being "papped" or marching up and down the red carpet! I think so long as you're happy with whats inside then what you choose to put on the outside is irrelevant.

Ali said...

Yeah, I'm really not feeling the shoulder pads. I make an effort from time to time but you're right, there are more important things to worry about. Having said that, I have just decided that I am returning to work soon and one of the first things that I thought was - "Oooh, I'll have to go and buy new work clothes!!".

nappy valley girl said...

I'm so with you here. If you work at home, clothes become especially unimportant and these days I'm more concerned with comfort than looking fashionable. I'll buy myself the odd nice thing for a party but hardly ever wear it. Most of the time I live in jeans (and not the designer kind, either...).

katyboo1 said...

I have a wardrobe full of lovely clothes. I buy killer heels. I live in jeans that are falling apart, trainers which are falling apart and t-shirts with a saggy neck line. I have not brushed my hair at all this week (honest). Can I join your gang?

Anonymous said...

I love clothes but hate fashion, and loathe fashion mags. Since having children I have lost the ability to decide what suits me, what would look good, and even what goes with what. I don't really care about clothes exactly, but I do care a lot about how I look. I hate my post-baby stomach so very much, it has a big effect on my confidence, which is very unlike the 'real' me. Euuugh, I've off-loaded a bit now. sorry. Good post x

Melissa Talago said...

Heather - exactly. Are they happy (and do they have very sore feet from their heels?)

ThatGirl - I know you love your fashion - but you're right, if you're happy on the inside, it really doesn't matter what's on the outside

Ali - Glad I'm not alone on the shoulder pad front

Nappy VAlley - you should see my laundry pile at the end of the week - 1 pair of jeans, a few tops and 5 pairs of knicks. Say compared to my husbands laundry mountain

Katyboo - you're always welcome in my gang.Did I tell you that after my first week of sailing, I tried to run a hairbrush through my hair and it snapped in half.

More than - I don't know anyone who really likes their baby belly. There are many who say that its a reminder of the wonderful miracle that they created. I personally think that's bollocks and am a big fan of tummy tucks. I'll never get one, but I get why people do.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I thought of this post while I was walking to school yesterday in the driving wind and rain wearing my farmer green wellies, jeans and what looks and feels like a black bin bag/waterproof jacket. Fashion? In this weather? Ha ha!