Friday, 8 October 2010

The Gallery: Discovery

I'll confess. I am a Gallery virgin. Oh I've been lurking for a while now, but have just not managed to get my act together to actually post a pic. But today I thought I'd have a go. If you don't know what the Gallery is all about, see it here at Tara Cain's Sticky Fingers blog.

The theme for this week is: Your favourite photo

Hard one. I have many. I considered pictures of my children, husband, family, holidays and lost loved ones but finally settled on this series of pictures which I'm calling: Discovery

I very recently posted one of these pictures and a story that went along with it, so I am going to cheat a bit and suggest you read this post for the full story.

But to add: these pictures represent a discovery. A discovery of what an amazing place the ocean is. A discovery of how beautiful the world is. A discovery of what I am personally able to achieve. And a re-discovery of me.


nappy valley girl said...

Those are beautiful.

I read a quotation from Monet the other day in the Museum of Modern Art - he said art is balm for the soul. I think those pictures fit the bill, too.

Anonymous said...

Really gorgeous pictures!

Nova said...

Lovely photos....I love the sea. :)

Booperkit said...

I love the second one most - those rays through the clouds - gorgeous.

Mirka said...

Nice shots ;) @Kahanka

spudballoo said...

Oh yes these are STUNNING!!!