Monday 8 September 2008

A frightfully successful couple of days, what.

This cartoon shall be explained in the last paragraph.
How did it get to be Monday evening already? Not that I'm complaining as it means a) the children are in bed and b) it's nearly Tuesday. Not that I had a bad Monday. In fact, it was quite exciting as my shiny new Organised Mum Life Book Planner thingy arrived. I plan on spending my evening morphing into super geek girl (which involves a fetching cape thrown over elasticated pants) and writing in super neat writing everything that I have to do.

I've collated the several thousand newsletters from schools and invitations and doctors appointment cards and address books and the Sunsail brochure (just in case I need to add their holiday hotline number to my emergency contacts) and enter each item with great dedication so that I am the very picture of Organised Mum. In fact the Organised Mum people might want to hire me to be their new model as few will be able to compare in organisedness.
What's more, I am positively glowing in domestic goddess-ability as I whipped up a triumphant batch of courgette chutney last night using up the last of our triffid-like vegetables and used our home grown apples to make my children apple crumble for their pudding (it was pearls before swine as one wouldn't eat the fruit and would rather have had an ice cream in a cone and the other didn't like the crunchy bits because they stuck in his teeth - not to mention that he had a sore bum bum that was putting him off his dinner).

I still however, have about 1000 apples and pears to deploy in a cooking crusade but they can loiter on the kitchen counter and indeed on their trees for a while longer.

I've had a fairly successful work day, remembered to take a friend's childs birthday present to pre-school, found someone to mow our lawn and had the world's strangest chat with a mental health charity from whom I made the grave mistake of ordering some pirate aprons from.

You see I need the aprons for son 2s birthday party this weekend. And despite scouring the interweb could find no pirate aprons that wouldn't cause me to remortgage the house, except these. So I ordered them last week. Today I received a note saying thank you for your order. We're processing it and you can expect it in 10 days. The party is this Saturday.

So I wrote back explaining that I would be having 8 three year olds dressed as pirates in my kitchen ready to make pizzas but not without their pirate aprons. So a very charming chap named David gave me a call. He congratulated me on being the first person EVER to buy anything off their website, which is why they were caught a bit off guard, not realising they might actually need the products that they sell. I asked if that qualified me for something complimentary, forgetting that I was talking to a mental health charity. So he chuckled and said, 'erm, yes we might be able to rustle something up.' I do hope it's not a mental health problem as I have enough of those already.

Anyway, David said that he was terribly sorry but they only had enough pirate fabric for four aprons and could he send me 4 with lighthouses on instead. Now what, pray tell, are you supposed to do in this situation? Do you say, 'Abso-bloody-lutely not. I paid for 8 pirate aprons and the theme of the party is pirates and without the pirate aprons the whole thing will just fall apart as all the little beasties argue about who's going to get the pirate one vs the WI inpired lighthouse ones.' Or do you think, 'These kind people are trying to raise funds for people who don't have a lift going all the way to the top and perhaps I should just accept it and go.' So I reluctantly agreed to support the mentally ill and accept the lighthouse aprons, knowing full well that I would be the person breaking up fights come Saturday morning. In fact, by donating money to the charity, I'm probably just investing in my future as my sanity is on the brink anyway.

Then hallelujah! David rang back. They'd manage to find some more fabric 'stashed away at the back'. The back of what, I wondered? So the good people of the charity will be whipping up another 4 pirate aprons and that he would personally endeavour to get them to me before the big day, because he wouldn't want me to have a riot on my hands. Problem solved.
So all in all, a fairly successful day. And indeed, we had a lovely weekend too. We got to go to the theatre on Friday night which was both entertaining and allowed me to feel cultured, not a feeling I have very often. And I got to guzzle gins and tonics before the show and during interval.

On Saturday we attended a friend's 40th. It was meant to be a summery party in the gardens of a rambling manor house. All of it was true except for the summery part. So instead we marched in heavy downpours across Salisbury plain, which was very pleasant, but not particularly good for my hairdo that evening. We had a fabulous, if somewhat surreal, evening (or maybe it was just the wine that made it all a bit blurry and strange around the edges). All the men were asked to make a contribution to the entertainment by regaling us with tales, poems, anecdotes about the birthday boy. This varied from limericks, piano playing, to the Jabberwock poem, to singing ABBA songs. It was all very 1890s and I expected at any moment for the ladies to retire to play a game of whist while the gents had whiskey and cigars. What's more, as a foreigner, I found the frightfully proper English accents almost comical. I felt sure that I was on a black adder set. I found myself speaking as though I had several large hot potatoes in my mouth, which when combined with a South African twang is probably a little odd.
However, the best part (besides the tremdendous quiche starter and fabulous fillet of beef and gallons of wine), was the cartoon place settings created for each person. The host and hostess spent hours trying to find cartoons that they felt most accurately reflected each guest. Mine is above (it would be below except for some reason I am unable to put pictures on my blog anywhere except at the top). I believe that I have never seen anything that quite so accurately sums up my life. And the lady in it even looks like me (albeit it a rather more glamorous and skinny version of me).

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katyboo1 said...

I saw that cartoon somewhere recently and it made me howl.

I am very envious of your organisational ability. I would like you to send me some. I forgot to pay the childrens dinner money. I forgot to place the Ocado order and there is no milk in the house.

Bless those people and their literally crazy pirate aprons! Still, that's some customer service.