Tuesday 24 February 2009

Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah!

Click here, turn the volume up and then read on.... (actually, because I can't get the silly link to launch in a new window or embed the clip you'll need to have a listen and then click the back arrow)

Why you ask?

Last night son 2 - aged 3.5 - slept without a nappy and kept the bed dry. First time ever.

He normally manages to fill a nappy with so much wee that it leaks. But last night he said he didn't want to wear a nappy. And he was fairly adamant about it.

I was willing to give it a go. He emptied his bladder before bed and I managed to put him on the loo at 10pm (on the few occasions I've tried this before, all of hell's fury has been unleashed by the small boy).

I put him back into bed, crossed my fingers (and his legs) and this morning he woke up DRY!!

Ironically I bought a new pack of pull up nappies yesterday, cursing under my breath that I was still buying sodding nappies, five years on (taking both boys into account).

Now it seems that our nappy days might be over. Small miracles.


nappy valley girl said...

We too are at that stage. But it seems to be one step forward and two steps back with Littleboy 1. He had a few days of dry nappies, so I started mentioning taking the nappy away. He then started peeing so much that he wet the bed even through the nappy. This went on for about a week. He's now relatively back to normal and we're starting a star chart.....

Anonymous said...

I am at that stage as well as my daughter is 5! She only cracked the whole toileting issue about 6 months ago. So shes fine during that day, but at night, as nappy valley girl says, it's one step forward and two steps back. So be prepared for setbacks. It's still good news though!

Anonymous said...

Yay, for son 2.

It is very scary when they first insist isn't it? Pudding insisted on it as soon as he was day trained. I put him in cloth training pants for nights for a while because I was paranoid and we still have a plastic sheet on his mattress but god it was good to be rid of those nappies!

Home Office Mum said...

Nappy Valley and rosie am sure that it will be a case of one step forward, 100 or so back, so I'm probably not out of the nappy woods yet. But it was a small breakthrough nonetheless

And yes Ali, I was terrified!

Iota said...


I had to use mega-size pull-ups with both mine (didn't get dry at night till 8 and 6). It was ludicrously expensive (about 45 pence a night each). I tried buying washable pants (also more eco-friendly), but they were hopeless. The bed was sopping. So that was a waste of 16 pounds (yes, 8 pounds each - I tried two different designs).

So I rejoice in your moment. Go and spend the saved money on something nice.

Blossom Mouse said...

No more nappies! Yay - that's about £8 more a week to spend on wine. About three bottles of wine if you buy the rubish I do!


But then a tiny part of me was sad to no longer be in the 'nappy days'....

Anonymous said...

ooh Blossom - me too! At the moment there is a secret bit of me which revels in being 'mum to three kids in nappies'. The Toddler is now nearly 2 and a half, and is asking to be potty trained; I couldn't work out my reluctance, but you're absolutely right.
Home Office Mum, congrats! Have a glass on me ;)

Jean said...

Oooh, definitely worth celebrating! Life gets just that little bit easier when the nappies are dispensed with. Well done to Son number 2.

Nicola said...

Wow - that's such a turning point, isn't it? Captain Underpants took ages to get out of a pull up at night but Jonny Drama potty trained himself at 2 and within 24 hours refused to wear a nappy day or night. And whilst he did occasionally have a day time accident due to being too involved in what he was doing to answer a pressing call of nature, he has never once had an accident at night. Very very wierd. I wasn't really ready for him to be done with nappies - too much of a sign that he was growing up. But at the same time I suddenly had a lot more money to spend each week on wine and chocolate (all for me of course) which was a distinct celebratory bonus!

Anonymous said...

Well done! We're almost there too.

Can I highlight on Thames Valley Mums, pretyy please?