Wednesday 6 May 2009


No matter the size of your laundry pile.
No matter the microwave that's died a sudden death.
No matter the teetering pile of unwashed dishes.
No matter the uneaten dinner. Again.
No matter the lack of milk for breakfast.
No matter the car that needs to be MOT'd.
No matter the VAT bill that needs paying.
No matter the to do list that is running off the page and into next year.
No matter the constant stream of childcare issues.
No matter the tantrums, strops and sulks.
No matter the nagging, whining and clinging.
No matter the jeans that won't do up.
No matter the highlights that are in dire need of redoing.
No matter the neighbours with their new extension overlooking us.
No matter the thatched roof that is costing us £13k to replace.
No matter the garden that masquerades as a jungle.
No matter the husband who is away again.

No matter how vile my day might have been, with an iPod plugged into my ears, a few tunes will transport me away from it all. The most mundane of tasks are tapped out methodically while my mind, heart and spirits can drift to far away places.

Music changes the colour and emotion of life. It gives imagination the freedom to run to undiscovered places or revisit favourite memories. It washes the banality of chores away. It eases the tension flickering across shoulder blades. It gives goose bumps. It makes me smile.

Or perhaps it's just me?

*Written to the background strains of Newton Faulkner's 'Dream Catch Me' with lyrics that go:
There’s a place I go
When I’m alone
Do anything I want
Be anyone I wanna be

How apt.


Nicola said...

Oh I agree. Music is hugely important in my life and can change my mood in an instant. I love to play the iPod challenge game - I (crazily) ask the universe to give me my messages of the day and then just hit shuffle. I have never failed to be amazed by the aptness of the songs that get played. And it is so wonderful to be reminded of songs you have long forgotten or songs that you didn't even realise you had.

Thanks for this. Right - gotta go put my music on.

MBNAD woman said...

Smashing post. I also loved your comment on Some Mothers Do Ave Em ... what a way with words. Testicles in soup, whack round the head with the soup ladle. You've made me giggle. Now I have to go back to scraping the kitchen clean since I've got visitors tomorrow. Why the devil did I say: come to me and we'll have supper at home. A weekday evening? And the dog's just slunk upstairs so there'll be a trail of collie hair everywhere. At least the visitors won't be going up there.
Adult company ... when my children were small I would have gone bonkers without radio 4. As it was, I just went bonkers with radio 4. And they have forgiven me ...
I'll go back to the norty step now.

Home Office Mum said...

Nicola - have never tried the shuffle option, will do so immediately!

MBNAD - good luck with the visitors. The best sounding plans always end up being bloody hard work but worth it. Thanks for visiting!

Ali said...

So true that music can do this for you. I forget this, often in the business and chaos and then I put something on with my headphones and remember all over again.

bevchen said...

OMG, you just reminded me I forgot to buy milk and the only supermarket that's open past 8 just closed right this second!

Tara@Sticky Fingers said...

I get that when I watch anything with Hugh Jackman in . . . funny that!

Iota said...

You're so right. It's really important to have background music, and also music that you sit down and listen to properly (haven't done that for years).

Radio 4 as well, yes.

Part Mummy Part Me said...

Lovely. Other 'no matter' enhancing pleasures include wine, chocolate and hugs from your child.