Monday 20 July 2009

Online auction for bloggers - help me sail to Brazil

So as many of you know, I also have another blog - which tracks my progress as I attempt to sail from the UK to Brazil later this year. Taking on the Atlantic ocean, as it turns out, is a pretty expensive affair so I'm trying to raise some money. I have been given some lovely things from lovely people to auction off. They include:

- a family holiday from - seriously amazing holidays.
- £100 in vouchers from, and - get yourself kitted out for autumn, get fitness gear to tone up for that post baby body (ha ha ha) alright, just get some yoga gear to zen out in, and fab kids clothes so that at least your kids look cool, even if you feel you need to be Gok Wanned.
- a cuddledry baby bath towel from, making bathtime much easier
- a Wrapture from (which you will lurve come this winter)
- a kid's electric guitar from . Yes seriously, a real electric guiter. My son fondles the box daily
- a lovely baby cardigan from
- a month's supply of Kiddylicious healthy kids snacks from so that you've got next term's lunchboxes sorted
- a Melobaby all in one nappy wallet and change mat - very stylish, lovely removable fleecy change mat and it fits all you need in your normal handbag!
- a beautiful suede photo album for all those keepsakes thanks to
- a pamper box of lovely treats from

And if you don't want to bid on any of these things, you can always just buy a box of the Fink Family Edition conversation cards. I used these this weekend during a family roast lunch. The kids were being a pain and splashing in their gravy, rather than eating. So I got the cards out and asked them some of the questions like: What makes you laugh? and If you had £1000 who would you give it to and why? Immediately they began eating and talking and not messing around. They're only £3.50 on my site so please support me and buy a pack.

It's all because of you crazy mummy bloggers that I'm doing this sailing madness . Thanks to all of you telling me to live in the now, I'm living in the now but am going broke in the process. So if you can support me by spreading the word about my auction, please do.

The auction closes this Sunday coming. You can find it here.

Thank you!


Liberty London Girl said...

Wow. Sailing to Brazil! You are an inspiration to us all LLGxx

bevchen said...

I'm going to write a blog post about it right now before it's too late!

Home Office Mum said...

Thanks LLG and Bevchen!

Guitar Arbitrage System said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences to us. God bless and thanks again for sharing your blog.