Thursday 16 December 2010

The best laid plans

I have a sick child. Well two actually, but one is more noisy cough rather than fevered brow. They've taken turns to be ill all week. It has made for a less than productive work situation but it's December, officially cold and flu season, and it's become something I accept.

However, my real dilemma is what to do today. You see, I have to get my hair done. Before you call me vacuous, vain and selfish, hear me out.

It is long overdue a cut and a colour. I almost never get time to get my hair done, which is why the hair dresser sends me rude text messages saying: 'It's been months since we last saw you. Don't you like us anymore?' And it's not that I don't like them, I just can't seem to find a time when both children are looked after, I'm not working and we don't have to drag ourselves off to stand on the side of a field watching small boys kick balls of various shapes.

But I finally thought sod it, and managed to secure a coveted spot with the hairdresser. I have been counting down till the big day when I can stop looking like Worzel Gummidge. The glorious day has arrived - along with a temperature of 39C on son 1. I can't send him to school. I can't take him with me. There aren't many people standing in line shouting: 'Pick me! Pick me! I'll look after the poorly child.' Funny that.

I leave in 3 days time to go to South Africa to see long lost family and would really rather not arrive looking like a grey shaggy dog. What's more, this evening I have a Christmas party to go to. As someone who works at home on my own, I don't have a busy Christmas party calendar. I have no need for the party frocks or spangly ear rings that are advertised at this time of year.  I live in the Berkshire countryside. If I wore something spangly, people might talk.

But a bunch of girls and I thought that it was high time that we had a  Christmas party to go to. We've booked a table at the local upmarket pub (that's as good as we get here) and have agreed to don our glad rags (in my case a cat suit with fierce heels - now the locals really will talk - and a very nice new hair cut). That is supposed to be happening tonight. Did I mention the sick children?

My husband is away in London until Saturday attending a carousel of different PR luvvy dahling Christmas parties so isn't able to help out. I'm not sure I can leave two sick kids with a 14 year old babysitter while I go out and drink wine.

Unless a Christmas fairy waves a magic wand, I can see my plans changing from lovely to lemsip in the blink of an eye.

It's one of those time when people might say: Don't be selfish. It's not as though you have something vitally important that you HAVE to do. Look after your poor sick child and remember why you're a mother.

But as any real mother knows, what we actually want to say is: Bollocks. What about me?? Feel free to commiserate with me.


Julie Sardinetin said...

Oh, definitely commiserations from me. No family close by that can help out, I take it?

Home Office Mum said...

Nope. Very, very far flung family. I have asked my neighbour if she can have sick child while I get my hair cut as her kids are sick too and she's very kindly agreed. So son is being sent over there later with strict instructions to do nothing other than to lie on the sofa and stare at the tv

Muddling Along said...

Oh no - definite commiserations from here, I totally understand

Yes the child is sick (but at this time of year when isn't one?) but a haircut is a big and important thing

Call me selfish, call me shallow but we do need our time for our things in amidst being a Mum

Hope manage to get out tonight (and any chance of a pic of the catsuit?)

nappy valley girl said...

Oh, crap. I can see your dilemma. I would be furious.

But I think perhaps you could leave the kids with a babysitter? As long as you have your mobile on. It's not as if they are tiny babies. And they'll be asleep, hopefully. Don't feel too guilty.

Home Office Mum said...

well as it turns out, I got my hair done, but our night out has been cancelled due to EVERYONE being sick. So it's just me and a fancy hairdo and a bottle of wine and complete power over the tv remote control

Metropolitan Mum said...

Commiserations, dahling, commiserations! I just did a very similar post. Yes, what about ME???!!!!!

katyboo1 said...

oh dear. I feel your pain. That seems so very unfair, and yes, I know exactly where you are coming from.

ebabee likes said...

Have enjoyed reading your blog. Hope you managed to go to your do! Sometimes we need 'me' time... no family around so I know what it's like to NEVER get out without a stroller in tow!

Kabob Recipes said...

Grateful for you writing this