Monday 9 May 2011

What men don't do

I am trying to determine whether the list I have compiled below is a universal thing for men, or just my husband. Please feel free to enlighten me as to how much of it rings true for your household:

Things men don't do
  • Change the toilet roll. That includes removing the old cardboard tube and putting on a new roll.
  • Taking the lint out of the tumble dryer.
  • Check which things can actually go in a tumble dryer. Like say a plastic raincoat or fine knit sweater
  • Open curtains
  • Put things in the dishwasher, rather than next to the dishwasher
  • Put butter or milk back in the fridge after using them
  • Check whether there are any red socks caught up amongst the white wash
  • Sort socks into pairs. They will put them into piles until the sock sorting fairies arrive
  • Put the things that have to go into the recycling bin, in the recycling bin, rather than washing them and leaving them on the draining board or putting them on the kitchen counter waiting for someone else to put them in the bin
  • Make any meal for children other than pasta with pesto and peas
  • Buy expensive pieces of art without asking their wives opinion (yes, there is a story there)

And in the interest of fairness and non-sexism, these are things that women don't do:
  • Adjust the clocks whether the clocks go forward or back
  • Polish shoes
  • Change water filters in kettles
  • Clean the fish tank
  • Close curtains
  • Keep a tidy desk
  • Put the lids back on things properly
  • Buy lightbulbs and batteries
So that's a little snapshot of our world. How does yours compare?


nappy valley girl said...

Interesting. My husband is pretty good - although he doesn't take the lint out of the tumble dryer and he has been guilty of leaving milk out. He doesn't sort out the kids' clothes, deal with their school stuff or reply to party invitations. But I am sure he would say there are a lot of things I don't do; definitely anything to do with lightbulbs, batteries or DIY in general. I think we have a pretty fair division of labour, actually.

Jen Walshaw said...

I think I have said before MadDad is a star and the only thing on your list he is guilty of is the lint in the dryer,. but that is due to the fact we use it so little. I am guilty of much wose, but I do clean shoes

Expat mum said...

A bit like Nappy, my husband doesn't do some things, but then there's a lot that I deliberately don't do too. My husband always empties the d/w, changes all the lightbulbs, deals with the cars, takes the trash and recycling out and cooks occasionally. I don't think he even knows there the laundry basket is, does no gardening, rarely deals with school stuff and makes no effort to organise our social life. I can't complain really, but I do!

InvisibleWoman said...

Throw the nub end of soap in the bin. If my husband was left to his own devices, there would be 50 grotty soap ends in the soap dish piled high. And I don't even use soap. He does all the tumble drying chores though. We both studiously ignore the kitchen bin til one of us cracks and empties it. My sons firmly believe in the recycling fairy. My future daughter in laws will hate me.

Anonymous said...

What men don't do:

Make pointless lists ;-)

Lisa said...

How funny. It's like me having a moan about my OH. The other thing he does is make piles. He's very tidy, but doesn't actually put things away. He arranges them into neat piles. It's the most annoying thing ever!