Wednesday, 30 July 2008

The day gets better

Despite the sun coming out and my laundry at last getting dry, the boys are bored, bored, bored. So in a bid to stop the nagging, I said we could to into town to the park to feed the ducks. After taking a good 30 minutes to get sunblock on/finding crocs/getting bread/final wees etc, we all got into the car, only for the sodding thing not to start. Cue much yelling along the lines of: 'Make it go mummy'. I would if I bloodywell could.

So I called the AA. They told me, after being in a queue for 10 years, that I'm only covered for roadside assistance, not home assistance. So if I could manage to push the car out of the drive and onto the road, I'd be fine. But again, I can't. So I could upgrade for £70. So I say fine, bloody fine. Just do it. Bleed me dry why don't you. But they tell me that my husband is the primary account holder and therefore me (a second rate citizen) cannot do it. I must instruct husband to do it. Husband is busy at a client. He's not going to be calling the AA.

And breathe in for four, and out for eight....

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