Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Getting an early start

It's not 7am yet but so far I have:
  • had coffee
  • sorted out a fight about whether to watch a DVD or cbeebies
  • prepared milk and cunningly managed to let each small boy have part of an orange cup to avoid fights
  • unpacked the dishwasher
  • repacked the dishwasher
  • folded yesterday's laundry from the line
  • put load of wet washing into dryer
  • folded dry laundry from dryer and put away
  • put on another load of washing
  • gone through email
  • checked the world wasn't ending courtesy of BBC website as I never actually get to watch the news on tv
Am about to go make breakfast and then have the toss up: do I do my teetering ironing pile or do I get the kids out of the house and into Sainsburys really early so that we can be done in time for playgroup? If I choose the latter, it means I have the afternoon free of chores. But it also means trying to entertain two hyped up boys on a rainy day. At which point a trip to Sainsburys becomes quite appealing just to keep them entertained.

Decisions, decisions. I'm sure there are many hedge fund managers and other important people dealing with bigger decisions at this early hour, but this is quandary for now.

Wish me luck as I head into a full day without childcare coupled with torrential rain. I shouldn't have had the wine last night. I know it will be needed by the end of today.


Kirstie said...

He He, I love your write what I think, how uncanny is that?

Home Office Mum said...

Thanks Kirstie. I think all mothers think the same thing we just can't admit it publicly (well not without funny looks)