Monday, 2 March 2009

Small talk - again

This whole having two blogs and a business to run and a small fund raising mission to complete is all a little time consuming, so this will be brief.

Following on from my last blog post about random conversations with 5 year olds, here was a snippet from today's lastest conversational masterpiece:

"So boys, what do you think daddy will see in America?" (their father's gone there for business this week)

Three year old hears the word America and a lightbulb goes ping in his brain and says: "that man who was the first man to rule America."

Five year old sagely nods, while continuing to shovel dinner into his mouth: "He means Barack Mobama."

"Well remembered both of you," quite gobsmacked that they can remember this, then again they were denied Cbeebies for a full afternoon as I watched the inauguration ceremony so it's probably imprinted on their brains. I do wonder whether Barack Mobama would like to grow a moustache in deference to his new name.

"Can you remember what he's called - what his job is?" I ask.

"He's the president of America," says five year old.

"Well done, yes he is. Do you know what we call the person who runs our country?" I ask ("besides twat," I say under my breath)

"Can't remember," he says.

"He's the Prime Minister. And do you know what our Prime Minister's name is?" I ask again.

"Ummm, no, I think I know but I can't remember," says five year old.

"It's Gordon Brown," I say.

"Oh!" says five year old. "I knew that name, but I thought he was the vicar!"

So there you have it. Based on my son's last conversation about marriage and the fact that God and the vicar get to choose who you marry, it follows that Gordon Brown - being the vicar - can now choose your spouse for you. Now that's what I call a nanny state.


Iota said...

You mean Sparrow Cobama? That's who my 4 year old thinks is in charge of the country. Reminds me of a Barry Manilow song...

Do you think it was the fact that the name Gordon sounds just a little bit like God, that made the connection with the vicar?

Anonymous said...

How clever! And Barack Obama is a far more exciting name than Gordon Brown, no wonder young children don't know who he is!

justme said...

I like!

nappy valley girl said...

Surely Gordon Brown just thinks he's God? It was probably all that talk of saving the world that got your boy confused....

Ali said...

Heehee. I like the way their minds work!

Coding Mamma (Tasha) said...

It's funny how their minds work. Bravo that he knew who Barack Obama was. Barack Obama is of course more momentous than Gordon Brown, so it's unsurprising that he's better known, I suppose. Also, Prime Ministers are quite different to Presidents, I find. There is much more of a cult of celebrity surrounding the President, than the Prime Minister.

Still, I shall now be printing out flashcards of the whole of the British government, so R will learn all their names and faces! (I am a fan of Gordon Brown, though I do think he has a lot less presence than Tony Blair did and than Obama does).