Friday, 5 November 2010

Putting the magic back into Christmas

Yesterday afternoon my children decided to write their Christmas gift lists. I encouraged them in this past time, mainly because the 5 year old seriously needs to practice his hand writing. The results were as follows:

Son 2 (5 year old) - utterly illegible scrawl which even Santa, with his magic powers, would have a hard time deciphering. I got him to translate it for me. It included a DSi, a light sabre, top trumps and gogos. Fair enough although I'm still not convinced that I'll be getting him a DS. I know, I know, I know - everyone has them and it is small and would fit easily into luggage as we're spending Christmas abroad and would keep him occupied on the plane on the way home. But I think it will become a battle ground where he wants to be on it and I want him off it and much gnashing of teeth will ensue.

Son 1 (6 year old) - a very, very, very long list of things including a DS, a camera and a phone! A phone!!! Who the hell is he going to call? When did children become grown ups? What happened to the magic of Christmas?

And then I got a call from a company asking me if I could help them promote a service of theirs and given my frustration with cynical children, I said yes. So this is a sponsored post, but happily, fits into my life very well.

The company lets you create a personalised letter to your child from Santa. MagicalSanta offers four distinct letters, which can be tailored to each child. Each letter has been written by a published children’s author, and each is written for a specific age group and gender.

By adding the child’s name, gender, friend’s name, what they’ve done to qualify them for the ‘Nice List’ and what present they want the letter becomes all about them.

(Sadly, it doesn't have a bit about not back chatting your mother, not cleaning your teeth and not eating your vegetables - I believe there might be a market for letters from Santa that threaten children that presents won't be forthcoming unless these things are done!)

Each letter costs £2.99 and includes free delivery within the UK, when ordered directly from the website. By clicking on, the rate is further discounted price to only £2.79.

Letters will be sent by Royal Mail in the first few days of December for all orders received before this date. For orders received on or after 1st December all letters will be posted out within 2-3 working days on receipt of the order, up to the Royal Mail's last posting dates.

These dates are:

UK 18th December
Europe 13th December
Other Countries 10th December

Payment can be made online by credit or debit card, and a full refund within 30 days is offered if the purchaser isn't completely satisfied.

So go on, send your child a personal letter from Santa and help get the magic back. You know it won't be long before they're saying: 'Christmas is like so lame', so milk the magic while you can!


Lindy said...

That sounds so AWEOSOME!!! My daughter is 4 so this is going to blow her mind!

Lorraine The Party Times said...

So with you on views about DSi - my son started asking at the age of 4 and I was one of those cruel mums who made him wait - gave in this year and got him a DSi for his 7th birthday and he certainly seemed to be the last among his peer group, however as expected it causes many battles!!

This Mid 30s Life said...

I promise I do not work for that company!!

But just wanted to share the fact that my father organised a letter from Santa to me when I was (obviously) little. It was my most treasured possession, I took it everywhere with me.

I'll definitely be doing the same thing for my kids.