Friday, 23 May 2008

Fly me to the moon

I learned a valuable lesson this morning. NEVER EVER be glib with a 2 year old. They don't understand throw away comments. They take them as fact. So when asked: where are we going today mummy? and to avoid the usual wailing that follows the answer: nursery, I rather stupidly said: Where would you like to go? How about a trip to the moon? We could take some crackers with us and have some cheese up there.

My 4 year old got that it was 'just pretend'. The 2 year old didn't. The entire drive to nursery involved maximum decibel shouting: I WANT TO GO TO THE MOON.

I tried explaining that I didn't have a space rocket. I tried pretending that our car was a space rocket. We even played an inter-galatic version of i-spy in which we pretended to see aliens and moon rocks. All to no avail.

I now feel like the worst mother (on planet earth) because I had to leave the poor little beastie yelling about the moon with nursery staff desperately trying to get him excited about the fish in the tank getting their food.

Sigh. Perhaps if I pick him up with some cheese and crackers at the ready he might forgive me. Then again, perhaps not.

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