Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Slice of life

Three comments to provide a snapshot of my life:

Three year old son
Peering into the salad bowl. 'Please can I have...ummm....ummm...errr...a spaceship?' Me a little confused, wondering how we'd managed to get Apollo 13 in amongst the radishes, finally twigged. 'Oh, you mean rocket...'

Four year old son
'Mummy, where does God go if he needs a wee?'
'I have no idea. Where do you think he goes?'
'On a potty.'
So there you have it, even Godly beings need to go sometime.

Looking perplexedly at the bathroom scale which was shoved into the bin.
'Is this here because it doesn't work, or because it does?'
He then got a slap.


Nicola said...

A husband with a sense of humour - dangerous!

Home Office Mum said...

Very dangerous. For him. I clicked on your name Nicola and was taken to a handbag site. Is that what you do? Are you a handbag expert extraordinaire? How incredibly marvellous if you are. My handbags are all freebies from magazines.