Thursday, 1 January 2009

I resolve to be resolute in my resolutions

Well it's happened. Another year has rolled away and ushered in the new. 2009. One year before we all live in Futuristicville, because 2010 was always in the future. The far away future. When we'd all live in very tall buildings made entirely of glass and fly around in small podlike carplanes and eat air in a variety of artificial flavours. Now that it's just a year away, I feel the future might not be all we thought it was going to be.

I don't know where the time has gone but years do seem to be galloping by at a fair lick. 2008 barely seemed to happen, it went by so fast. Many people said it was a bad year. I thought it was average to middling. 2009, on the other hand, is already shaping up to be super shit. Particularly on the cash flow front.

Despite this, I refuse to start the year down in the dumps. I have resolutions (even though a mental health charity reported today that people shouldn't have resolutions as it causes feelings of inadequacy and remorse). I have resolved to:

  • Get fit. This is a matter of urgency. And I have done more exercise over the Christmas / New year period than I've done all year. This time next year I will be blogging as a far fitter, slimmer, healthier version of me. This I will not fail on.
  • Be kinder to my husband. This is a challenge. He's a man and men provide such brilliant blog fodder. But I will be kinder to my husband. Not always on my blog, but certainly in real life.
  • Carve out me time. I vow to live this year, rather than survive. This is going to be a particularly challenging resolution as I have no money to live on and we might well only just survive (probably on beans and toast). And I probably need to work even harder to make more money leaving me with less me time, but this is a stretch goal and I will be aiming for it.

I'd like to add others like:

  • Write a book
  • Move to the seaside
  • Holiday in exotic places
  • Be less impatient (particuarly with my children)

But unless I'd like to become a case study for the mental health charity I suggest I set myself some reasonably accessible resolutions, which I can actually resolve to achieve.

I need to go tuck small boys into bed. But I wish everyone a successful, happy and healthy 2009. May your bank balance expand. May your waistline shrink. May your worries be small and your happiness that of a child with a sweetie tin.


Ali said...

Those sound very much like my own resolutions although I am keeping mine on the down low, I think, so as to avoid failure and disappointment and accountability and the like.

Also, hope raising the tax money doesn't take too much of a toll.

Welsh Girl said...

Happy New year. Good Resolutions all (though they sound awfully like hard work). I have decided that I refuse to let this year be rubbish. If I have no work, I shall pretend that I choose to be unemployed and write a great novel, learn to whittle and walk the hills, a lot!

Home Office Mum said...

Thanks Ali, I'm hoping so too.

Welsh girl, good to hear from you. How ya been? Your resolution to have an unrubbish year is a very good one. I shall adopt it.

David said...

You know, the future might not be all that disappointing. After all in 2010, you'll be able to exercise without going to the gym (Wii Fit) you can get on the waiting list for a flying car ( even if you can't buy one, and if you're okay with moving to Dubai, you could live in a shiny metal tower above the clouds. (www.burjdubai). Oh, and Buck Rogers will soon be visiting earth again!