Monday, 2 February 2009

A snowfall of guilt

It's snowing. Really snowing. The pre-school rang and said it wasn't opening today. I called the childminder who said she could have son 2 instead. The school is open (although we don't know how long it will stay open). The boys had a ball walking to school, making snowballs and snow angels. They liked the ice cold hands a little less.

We passed a friend whose little boy I normally take to pre-school and I said that the pre-school was shut. His reply was: 'Oh, well he wasn't going anyway.' 'Why, is he ill?' I asked. He looked at me as though I was mad and said 'No, it's snowing. We're staying at home and playing in it.'

Cue the guilt. It hadn't entered my head that we could spend the day that way. I just knew how long my to do list was for work and sent them on their merry way. Now I feel awful. Like I'm the world's worst mother.

That's all I'm going to say for today so that I can plough through my work and go fetch my little boys early so that we can build a snowman.


Motherhood The Final Frontier said...

managed to get through to your blog. might want to check the link on britishmummybloggers..
Snow! I can hardly believe it. My children have never seen snow, we've been in Southern California all their lives and when we've traveled it's never been to the cold weather. My daughter thinks that rain is the most fun she's ever had.
Don't feel guilty about sending them off to school. THey'll play there too, you know! And it will still be there when they come back, so you can get the carrot nose and the raisin eyes all ready..

Coding Mamma (Tasha) said...

The snow's not too big, here. She enjoyed walking there and grabbing little bits of snow off the cars and I pointed out that, when she got out of nursery school at midday, there might well be a lot more snow. And looks like there will be!

Would never occur to me to take a snow day, either, if I'm booked in to do work! It's difficult enough to juggle it when she's ill and I'd only end up having to stay up until 3am to do the work, instead.

A Modern Mother said...

Our schoolmaster is made of strong stuff -- and school is on today.


There is a god!

katyboo1 said...

I did the snow day off thing once, but only because we lived far enough away from school for it to be less of a pain in the arse to have them at home than to trek them into school!

Don't feel bad. Snow days last about half an hour and then they spend the rest of the day whinging and dripping icy water everywhere. Short concentrated bursts are best, followed by hot baths. Perfect for after school activity.

Ali said...

Oh god, don't feel bad. These things happen. It's amazing how we can always find something to feel guilty about, as mothers, isn't it? Enjoy the snow!

Home Office Mum said...

Well no the school has shut and I have to go fetch my child plus two others as their mothers can't get there. Then I'll go fetch my little chap from the childminder and just write today off as far as work goes. At least I won't have to feel guilty anymore!!

nappy valley girl said...

That's why when people say to me, oh you work at home, how lovely, I just grit my teeth....