Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Baby food and baking

I want to blog but now I have to go fetch a small, no doubt grumpy, boy from pre-school. He pronounced this morning (apropo of nothing) that if he was very, very good, that he would be allowed to bake something. I'm not sure who was granting him this wish. The cake fairies perhaps. But given it is National Baking Week this week, I should do my patriotic and maternal duty and whip something fattening up. But that's the problem. I can't fit into my clothes so don't really want to be surrounded by cakes, particularly as I just ate rather a lot of dark chocolate as I read it was good for you and needed a little smackerel of something to tide me over till mid-afternoon snack.

However, I do have a recipe (and the ingredients) for some cranberry bran muffins from the GI Diet cookbook, which after consuming more than one, will have you evacuating your bowels in under 5 seconds. So we might make some of those. A DIY colonic irrigation of sorts.

But my rather long winded point was that I'm not going to get time to blog much this afternoon. And this evening I need to continue writing my article on the breastfeeding and weaning habits of mothers in France and Italy. In researching my article, I have discovered that Italians have a broad range of baby purees (all with added salt, because it's never to early to start hardening those arteries) and while they have the normal range of fruit and veg purees, their meat purees fall into the categories of interesting to vile. Interesting: Chicken and Prociutto. Despite the 100 gallons of salt involved, that could be quite tasty. Vile: Rabbit puree or Horse puree. Fancy eating My Little Pony for lunch dear?

And speaking of baby food, I'm also working on the relaunch of the Babylicious range of baby and toddler meals. And I discovered that the toddler meals only have something like 80 calories per meal. There was a recent craze for celebrity mums to eat baby food to lose weight, but they all found jars of baby food a bit disgusting (particularly if they were Italian). I think I might try eating Kiddylicious meals for a while to see if I can shed a few pounds, thus enabling me to bake something more exciting than bran muffins.

Enough wibble. I'm not late. Must dash.


Welsh Girl said...

Pureed horse? Really? Eeeugh. I call myself an omnivore with pride, but pureeing a horse is pushing it a little too far. Do you have to try this stuff in the course of your research?

Hope the muffins were good (though the bowel evacuating sounded off putting)

Home Office Mum said...

The muffins were less nice than I remember. They would taste infinitely better slathered in butter but that probably defeats the object of the exercise. However, I expect my morning constitutional to be a breeze tomorrow.

And no, thank god, I do not need to taste test the pureed horse. That might require a change of career.

Orla said...

Hi Again, Orla here. I just read your Baby food and baking entry and if you need any other info on baby food etc in Italy let me know. I live in Rome and all of my 3 boys were born here so have done it all (breastfeeding, weaning etc - am currently weaning my 7 month old) and yes its true they have pureed horse but have to say that I have never given it to any of mine!


Mum & Baby said...

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