Thursday, 23 October 2008

When lie ins go wrong

My husband very kindly let me sleep in this morning. He got up with the boys who he's barely seen all week. However, all his good work was undone when - at 7.45 - I woke up, looked at the clock and leaped out of bed realising that I had just 45 minutes to get the kids to school. I charged downstairs and asked husband:

'Have you taken the bins out? It's recycling day today.'
No, said he.
'Have you given the children breakfast?'
Some dry cereal, said he.
'Have you made a packed lunch for son 2?'
No, said he.
'Have you got their school clothes ready?'
No, said he.
'Have you packed their book bags?'
No, said he.
I didn't bother to ask whether he'd managed to find something old for show and tell today because that would have required him to actually look at the homework book and I'm not sure he knows what the homework book is.

So while I got an extra hour of sleep, in return I got to rush around like a mad woman wheeling out bins, making toast, whipping up sandwiches, finding school clothes that aren't filthy, wiping bums, dressing beasties, digging through ancient Christmas decorations for something old (because my son's show and tell suggestion was the lid of a Mr Men bubble bath bottle which didn't really qualify as being 'old' despite us having had it for a few months), all while slurping down coffee in a bid to wake up.

I tried to explain to husband that while a lie in is nice, having to compact a normal mornings worth of tasks into half the time is less restful. I think he thought I was unappreciative.


Welsh Girl said...

Men - Sigh.


Now that sounds like my regular day. I am soooo glad it's half-term :-D