Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Playing tag with random facts

This is very exciting. I've been tagged by Welsh girl which means I have to tell you seven random things about myself or be single handedly responsible for bringing about the end of the world (which I will be anyway given how often we're using our tumble drier at present).

So here they come (incidentally it's quite difficult to be random on command. I'm very good at being randomly random):

1. My nickname is Loo. Contrary to popular believe, I was not named after a toilet, although my parents do believe that I am full of shit. No, the nickname goes back to when I was a little girl and I would refuse to answer to any name other than Lulubell. Actually, my full name was Princess Lulubell, Queen of the Fairies, but I would accept Lulubell for short. This in turn got shortened to Loo over the years. In my head I am still Princess Lulubell, Queen of the Fairies and have the fairy wings and tiara to prove it.

2. I absolutely loathe and detest Coriander. Ground coriander is fine. It's coriander leaf, the fresh stuff that Indian and Thai restaurants insist on sprinkling all over your food in an exotic take on parsley. It is the devil's herb and should be erradicated from the earth. In fact by not doing my tag, I could get rid of coriander as part of the world's demise and all would be well.

3. I'm good at making up song lyrics for children at a moment's notice. This is a talent I've mastered thanks to numerous tantrums that needed distracting or hours of having to lull babies to sleep. Here's a sample:
Night night Mr Sunshine
Hello Mr Moon
Night night Mr Sunshine
We will see you soon

Night night Mr Sunshine
Hello Starry Sky
Night night Mr Sunshine
It's time for beddy bye.

4. Despite being hideously unfit, I can - and always have been able to - sit with my feet soles together with my knees flat on the ground. Like being cross legged, only not. It's what very bendy yoga types do. I'm not bendy. This is my only bendy feat.

5. I'm allergic to all seafood. This does not bother me at all with regards to shellfish which look like swimming cockroaches. But not being able to eat fish - particularly fish and chips - is hell. It makes cooking fish for my children a deeply joyous experience too, particularly as I come up in welts if I touch salmon.

6. When I was a teenager in the 80s, my sisters, a friend and I performed a dance to Wham!'s Edge of Heaven and Alphaville's Big in Japan in front of a yacht club full of people. We wore leotards with black bin liners which we tucked into brightly coloured waist bands. We ripped the bin bags off midway through the dance as we got into the Wham groove. Why we thought this was in anyway cool I will never, ever know.

7. I get irrationally annoyed when people misspell the words lose vs loose. In fact it makes me want to lose the plot, rather than loose it.

I'm now supposed to tag someone else but am not sure who. My bloggy friends have been tagged. Someone take the tagging baton from me please or else the world might implode.


katyboo1 said...

I am shocked by your coriander confession! I'll eat your share. I love it.

Welsh Girl said...

Phew, the world is still here! can't believe you are allergic to all fish / seafood! Do you come up in a rash if you swim in the sea and a fish brushes past!!!!!

Hope the trip to Ireland is good :)