Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Two wise but brief thoughts

Last night I worked until midnight writing web copy, flyer copy, award entry copy and press releases. This is why there was no writing of blogs. And indeed today there will be very little writing of blogs as I have yet more writing (the paying kind) to do.

But I wanted to share these thoughts with you:

When asking your husband to look after the children for the weekend so that you can loiter in a spa with a girl friend, don't get involved. Just leave. Do not comment on the fridge which he has stocked with ready meals (mainly chicken korma). Do not comment on the two brand new kids DVDs sitting on the kitchen counter. Do not suggest that the children might want fresh air at some point ... and some vegetables too. Just leave. Your children will survive and your husband will feel like he's done something right for once (and might be willing to let you escape again some time.)

On a completely different subject, don't extract walnuts out of their green pods without gloves on. You will never ever have normal coloured fingers again and people will think you've been smoking 60 a day since birth. And here's another interesting walnut tip (because I know that you're now glued to this gripping topic): when drying walnuts, lay them flat on a tray on top of your boiler. But don't leave them for more than 48 hours or you end up with some very shrivelled walnuts that simply crumble to dust when cracked with a nut cracker, leaving an awful mess on your kitchen floor, especially when done by children. All of this makes the getting of brown fingers feel rather pointless and may have you calling tree surgeons to remove the offensive tree while you skip off to Sainsburys to buy some walnuts like normal people do instead.

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Welsh Girl said...

The perils of nut collecting without latex gloves. Nutters, be warned.....